Friday, January 22, 2010

It's War!

When Benchseats Rock Sag and Muff Scout decided it was time to declare war on us, I was reminded of another fine example of righteous outrage and a noble declaration of war.

This is probably about what it looks like when a couple dopey schlubs from the trailer park decide to declare war on us.

I'm trying to decide what's funnier--dude thinking he's going to get us to knock it off by intimidating us, or the thought of a bunch of "mongers" hanging out in Muff Scout's mamma's basement in Arbutus figuring out how to get back at us.

On their side: a bunch of cowards who hide behind anonymous (well...not nearly as anonymous as they wished they were, hehe) screen names and abuse addicted women.

On our side: WVDA (our membership includes two police officers, people who work for the State's Atty's office, and business owners in Pigtown), the Community Law Center, Southern District Ops (the plainclothes guys that are making life difficult for you), the commander of the Southern, the BPD Neighborhood Services Unit, and of course a very receptive, happy to see us in business State's Atty's Office.

Anybody wanna choose up sides? I'm no ace handicapper, but I think I know how this "war" is going to pan out. Like I've been begging you guys to do...BRING IT!


  1. This just in" mad rush from Muff Scout's mother's basement over to the Army Surplus store for size 6.5 boots and ladies cut fatigues.

    See you bitches on the battlefield. That is, if you're brave enough to put down your keyboards and do more than talk shit and drive by houses.

  2. Which one will do the pinky swipe first? Hang on, dreidel is about to tell. It's spinning, it's spinning, it's Drobs! Let's hope he gets a manicure first, no telling what's under those nails!

  3. I think this song is appropriate for the gathering:

    Finger food and an ice cold keg
    It won't cost you an arm and a leg
    Dance all night to a rotten band
    Come on, people, let's give 'em a hand

    Saturday night, it's the place to be
    Everyone cut footloose with me
    At the party at the leper colony
    Oh, there's a party at the leper colony

    Met a little lady so pretty and young
    She was quite a little talker 'till the cat got her tongue
    She oozed up beside me, I turned on my charm
    Well, pretty soon she was completely disarmed

    I said, "Girl, now don't fall to pieces on me"
    But she cried her eyes out - literally
    At the party at the leper colony
    Oh, there's a party at the leper colony

    hey now, buddy don't give me no lip
    Sorry I was using your head for dip
    There's a guy in the hot tub, I don't know who
    Wait a minute, it looks like Stu

    There's a party at the leper colony
    There's a party at the leper colony

  4. Interesting. I am listening to RollCallRadio at work and just heard a call come in for a guy in a maroon van who just solicited some womans daughter for prostitution. Police are driving up and Carey looking for him.

    And the guys out on that forum wonder why they are being "harassed" by PJW?! What a bunch of losers!

  5. I've been following your blog since it was Baltimore John Watch. I don't get these guys. All you've asked them to do is not get their little dicks sucked in a residential area.

    If they are too stupid to understand this then they deserve all the bad that goes along with being a guy who drives through a residential area looking for pitiful drug addicted women to abuse. Seriously, if you don't have the money to go to a massage parlor or get an escort you find a second job and/or stay home and take care of business.

    You deserve what you are all going to get.

    That Anne Arundel police lieutenant probably thought he wasn't going to get caught fucking around and now look at him. He seems as arrogant as the guys who want to go to war (LMFAO) with you. But, just like the lieutenant some of these guys are going to end up before a judge.

    I hope you guys post every arrest with names and addresses. Maybe the smart ones will decide that a 10.00 public blow job isn't worth a destroyed life.