Saturday, January 23, 2010

Remember How They Wanted To Sue Us For Defamation?

And we said "by all means, go ahead, because we're not posting anything that isn't true, and truth is an absolute defense to slander and libel claims?"

Seems like our friends aren't just disgusting human beings over at USASG, they're also hypocrites.

Does anyone remember the SW who used to work by the school about a couple of years ago? She would walk with her hair shielding her face on traffic side, then flip her hair to other side when she turns around? she told me that Sabastian picked her up one time pretending to be under cover officer, then agreed to let her go after little penetration. Two weeks later he was threatening to kill her for giving him Herpes. Can I cash in on this little story in court?

Here's Subzero posting an out and out fabrication that's clearly defamatory as it's A) blatantly not true, B) intended to defame my character by falsely suggesting I committed a series of criminal actions, and C) he knows it's not true at the time he writes it. Hehe! Fun.

Guys, for the last time, you're NOT going to make us go away by needling us and trying to sling mud at us. Why? Because we're the good guys. There's no dirt to dig up. There's nothing we really need to hide, unlike you. We have the SAO, BPD, the CLC, and public opinion on our side, and on your side there's a bunch of sick fucks that get off abusing diseased, disadvantaged women.

And GGW, for the millionth time...we do go after the drug dealers. We've been doing it for years. It's been all over the news for years. Where ya been? And how do you think I got the elusive MD carry permit? It certainly isn't because you douchebags are any sort of threat to me.


  1. I've been wondering this myself. Why would someone want to exploit women who are being abused or serious help? It's no different than taking someone in Haiti right now and saying here I'll give you food if you give me a blowjob.

    Especially when they can go online and find an attractive escort who isn't doing this by force or to feed an addiction most of the time?

    Are they so poor that they can't afford this?
    Are they so creepy they can't pass the screening the girls do?
    Or are they sadists who find some amusement in this?

    Can one of you answer this?

  2. They go after these women because they'll accept $10.00 for a BJ. These guys are so cheap, that not only do they drive the streets looking for the most busted woman to exploit - they haggle with them and then brag on USASG that they talked the "Ho" down to just a few dollars. On top of that, they're too cheap to pay for a room. They'll park on a public street (just ask Mizzle), exploit the woman and then kick her out with a few bucks in her hand. These losers brag about driving women to drug sources and purchasing a fix in lieu of cash. How's that for class? These men are the scum of the Earth.

    To add insult to injury, they post photos of these women out on USASG. They throw a couple of extra dollars at them in order to get "permission".

    These losers talk about the "hunt" - they hunt these women. They get some sick satisfaction out of humiliating and degrading these women, while also making it possible for them to continue getting high.

    These women are like the gazelle with the broken leg. They are helpless prey. And the mongers who "hunt" them are the guys who, outside of the monger world, are the impotent and emasculated males who try to bolster non-existent masculinity and virility by controlling and dominating sick, diseased and drug-addicted women.