Saturday, January 23, 2010

Benchseats Sag

Here's a nice little ditty from one of the guys who wants to go to war with us: Benchseats Rock Sag. It sums up the mindset of the disgusting degenerates who prey on drug-addicted women and communities. He's laughing at the state of decline of another human being. I can't wait for this piece of shit to slip up.

Flame on Bench

Originally Posted by Benchseats Rock
Why don't you remind Pam that she's a who*re who likes the money almost as much as she likes the drugs she pumps into her body with every lying, compulsive, sperm coated breath she takes. And like most of these girls, she doesn't seem to care where the money comes from - especially when she needs it, which if you haven't noticed is all the fucking time. If she has regrets after the fact, well that's her problem - maybe she'll quit being a hooker (HA!!!!!) and then you can quit posting here altogether - not that your posting here actually means anything - and will not have any effect on anybody or anything anyway. Your biggest problem other that you are the poster child for an abortion campaign, is that you want to fight her battles for her, which means you're wrapped up in her day to day excuse for a life - I almost pity you, but she does suck and swallow like a champ, so I can understand where it is you're coming from, I just wouldn't ever want to go there myself.

Benchseats Rock

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