Saturday, January 23, 2010

More From USASG

Any woman is fair game to these pathetic losers. This is another reason why street prostitution is not a victimless crime. I've seen young girls solicited in Pigtown who were just trying to get to the store and back. I've seen mothers solicited while returning from dropping their children off at the elementary school on Washington Blvd.

These are their words:

The great difference between Balti and DC

As LL's pics show it is easy to spot the SW's in DC unlike their mufti counterparts to the North. In DC it is so easy to spot em that it is almost no sport. In Baltimore the hunt is always half the thrill. You never know who is a SW and who is a civilian. Makes it fun to pull up to some chick that you think is possibly working only to find out her hubby on the stoop will be coming after you with a crow bar for dissing his woman.

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