Saturday, January 23, 2010

We Surrender!

Just like the French. As soon as those hardened warriors fired the first volley, we decided to surrender. I mean, it's not like we didn't put up a good fight - these guys are just too tough though.

They've threatened to --- wait for it ----- wait for it ----- DRIVE DOWN OUR STREET AND HONK THEIR HORNS!!! GOD NO! WHERE'S YOUR HUMANITY?!?!

Oh wait, you pay sick women to suck your puny members in public places. You have no humanity.

Again, please caravan down our street so we can videotape the MONGER SURGE into Pigtown and take down tags.

We may not come to your house tomorrow, or next week, or even next year, but believe me - we will use the info you so easily provide and track you down. Just when you think we've gone away and you're back in business, we're going to caravan down your streets with horns honking. But unlike you, we're going to get out of our cars.

...and Dan in Severna Park, you're at the top of the list.


  1. LOL I love their battle strategy, whats the next course of action? To drive up and down your block while making faces at you

  2. I think they're going to call us poopheads next.

  3. I'm waiting for them to break out the silly string.

  4. one of those sick old beasts has a regular thing with the ever ladylike heather, mind you she lives 3 doors away from me in morrell park. this old man drives a chevy malibu a newer car he will sit outside in his car waiting for her sometimes for hours, she is gone for days and then he drops her off she is as high as high can be shes dancing all over the place, geeking like hell the house she lives in in a boarding house the owner rents rooms heather is the only female, the other occupants are a nigerian cab driver, a man who gets wasted drunk and sings, sometimes there are others but heather among the others have been there for as long as ive lived here ive dealt with her needles, broken crack pipes, used condoms and filthy toilet paper, ive opened my door to find her sleeping on my porch swing she picks my flowers she is a royal pain in the ass, i recall when we first bought our house 4 years ago heather would be picked up by men in limo's she has brought men with car seats in the back, men in minivans you name it heather has had it this latest old geezer is as bad as the others he cant wait for heather to give him that mcdonalds meal blow job ill say this the girl must have skills because the old man is zipping his pants and heather is spitting out the window very quickly if this old fart is one of the mongers i wish he would at least wait until they were in a less residential area desoto rd is only a minute or 2 away they could at least hold out until then

  5. Heather Law actually has a warrant for Failure To Appear at a very recent hearing (CDS charges). So, if you see her, call 911 and let them know.

  6. Also, feel free to snap pictures of Heather and her dates. We'll post them on PJW...