Friday, March 19, 2010

All The Way From The Old Dominion

Another of our local favorites is the young lady who drives the beater late model Nissan Sentra, silver/gray and beat to shit. MD tags 2CS C19 if I recall correctly. She parks on the corner of Carey and Ward with her boyfriend, who baby sits the car while she grabs a "date". She comes back, scores the crack, and away they go.

Today's customer was a late model blue Audi A4 2.0T, nice ride for a guy resorting to the Pigtown crackwhore blowjob. Gotta love it, $30K car, $20 blowjob. Says quality all the way, doesn't it?

Around 130pm today, VA tags JKW 2408.


  1. I commend this site/blog for its efforts, it has changed my way of living. I figured out that I've been living foul, contributing to the problems in your area. I am now ready to become apart of the solution instead of the problem if its possible. Also littleman P was me.

  2. Her name is Sherry