Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Paranoid much, boys?

I haven't posted anything here in over a month. It's been pretty quiet as I think recent incidents have gotten the message across. But just for giggles I check on USASG...and lo and behold, every time somebody mentions not wanting to get busted by PJW, somebody else pipes up and assumes that it's me. As though I don't have anything better to do.

Over the last couple months, they've assumed 4 or 5 screen names are actually me needling them, when in actually none of them are. Safe to say that despite all their bravado about not giving a shit whether we bust them or not...seems they really are paying attention to PJW and seem to see me around every corner and behind every blade of grass.

Awesome. Keep up the stupid work, boys.


  1. sir while i commend your efforts you must remember those of us in morrell park you may have detered the hookers and johns from using your neighborhood as their meat market but what about us? when you chase them away they just come up the blvd and sell their miserable wares out here, ive lived here for 14 years i like this area and ive seen hookers come and go seen them look bad from whatever demons possess them and seen them looking better after a stint in jail, the hooker problem has slowed down considerably hell they were more abundant on corners than mailboxes but warmer weather is coming and so are those pigtown skanks, we dont have the support of bcpd like you all do we are in the southwest district most cops here like those free and cheap blow jobs that they can get believe me ive seen it some of the cops here would rather harrass teenage kids for wearing a tshirt with a pot leaf on it than chase a hooker from their district oh of course they arent all like that in fact there are one or 2 decent cops but with ed reiseinger hanging at his good times bar worrying more about what the neighbors sell in their stores than running the hookers out of morrell park what are we homeowners who work hard to live in a nice house in a nice area to do and by the way i do live in the better part of morrell park on the other side of the csx bridge so we dont get the tax breaks and incentives that those who live on the other side of the bridge do we deserve to live in a decent safe place we pay for it

  2. Insanity happens in the tertiary stage of syphillis.

  3. Mpdms...I don't like the idea of them setting up shop in your neighborhood either. Contact us directly for help on how to do the same thing we've done in your area.