Thursday, April 8, 2010

Early Bird Gets The Worm (and the gonorrhea, and the chlam, and the festering sores)

Up early this morning (April 8th, at 0530hrs) for a dog walk, and who do we see but our friend Scabface Melanie, feeling her wee hours of the morning crack-jones. Along comes a silver Honda Odyssey with MD tags 605M693 to pick her up on the corner of Washington Blvd and Carey.

Creative folks that they are, they head down to the 1200blk of Bush St, since nobody would ever think to check to see if a public square blowjob would be under way there by the MTA depot where you can occasionally find a lovely collection of used rubbers and needles. Well, nobody, except me. Dude looked pretty surprised to see me walk by the car. A quick scurry of clothes putting back on, and they headed the wrong way down Bush (a one way) and onto Carroll.

Apparently the uhm...task hadn't been completed. How do I know? Because when I hopped into my car and drove down to the 1200blk of Nanticoke, another place nobody would ever think to look for people funding the habits of crackwhores, there they were, still hard at work. A few minutes later it was time for a just for giggles I followed them down I95 to the Rt100 exit to Rt1 to Amberton Drive...where the Odyssey apparently ended and the post coital cigarette smoking began.

Long drive for the after blow smoke. But that part of the Elkridge business park community is lovely this time of year.

Silver Honda Odyssey
MD Tags

Slender looking mid 40s white male with a ball cap and a really surprised look. Must not read USASG.


  1. How come you guys don't post pictures anymore? I used to love them lol

  2. The johns know our cars and take off when they see us fall in behind them, so getting pics is harder than it used to be. Fortunately, some of our readers have volunteered to drive us around. We're considering the offers.

    I've also found a place that rents out beater cars by the hour, so we'll be back in business pretty soon.

  3. Guy in a Hondy Odyssey is probably a Dad from suburbia. Sick.