Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Eyes Met, And It Was Magical

No, I'm not relating a tale of urban romance.

Last night Jodie was continuing her "last hooker in Pigtown" act (which explains why the USASG pukes are griping about the lack of selection, believe me...ugh). She was about to have a customer, a fat white guy in a black Chevy Cobalt who was turned around in his seat staring longingly at Jodie, who was eager to please and get her "medicine".

It was then that he noticed me watching him...our eyes met, and for a moment he pondered who I was. After about a second, he realized he was staring into the eyes of the PJW, and he skulked off unsatiated. Poor guy. Guess he made his way back to the wife in the trailer park.

Jodie wasn't too happy about her date being interrupted. Ah well...shit happens, bitch. Especially when you refuse to take your toothless infested crackwhore act somewhere else despite being repeatedly asked to do so by the police and the community at large.

An attempted monger scoop of a prostitute is just as bad as actually doing so, so Sarge your thing. My regards to his wife.

White Male. Black Chevy late model Cobalt (seems to be the monger vehicle of Nice try ain't hard for Sarge to get the rental company to give him the name on the credit card)

MD tags KZH 756, attempting to pick up Jodie at 11pm, Bayard and Washington Blvd, 4/14/10.

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  1. Reading USASG indicates that the seasons lows were in April where selection drops, but veteran streetwalkers using cell phones to stay connected.

    I drove through Wilkins and counted half a dozen -- each time. You might want to watch for a newbie, attractive slim blond who relapsed on H, now lives in thr 1300 Block on Washington Blvd.