Friday, April 16, 2010

Nice Try, Sweetheart

The other night Jodie wasn't too happy that I broke up her "date" and came between her and a crack hit. She mouthed some unpleasantries that I ignored and I went to bed eventually. She stuck around the block as she seems to only sleep every three days or so. As Rick James famously pointed out, "cocaine is one helluva drug". Since she's a chemically induced insomniac, she had plenty of free time to do the old key the car trick (she's been busted vandalizing other neighborhood organization leader's cars before, and I guess she decided it was my turn, as I had a three foot long key scratch on the truck in the morning). I should be mad, right? Eh, whatever.

The hilarious part: she keyed the panel on my truck that has a dent from plowing snow and some rust, and was due to be painted in a few weeks. That's right, Crackwhoreus Disgustingus, you keyed a panel with a rust spot and a dent that needs bodywork and paint anyway.

Fucking idiot.

PS: remote camera gets setup in the next week or so. I wonder what somebody with her record gets for malicious destruction of property...

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