Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

Lest ye think I'm a heartless bastid, I really do try to be cordial with the girls who've had the misfortune of falling in to the Pigtown crackwhore lifestyle. Some of them have really sad stories. Pat has kids at home on Herkimer and is fighting a habit. Heather Law apparently had a really rough childhood. Kitten (AKA Phyllis Amonica) has an estranged family and is a particularly sad case--we had helped her get cleaned up and in a rehab program where she was able to detox, apparently have a child (shudder), and put some weight back on.

Now she's back.

I saw her get picked up by a late model orange Chevy SST mini-SUV, MD tags 4CL-360. I was going to give the guy a pass, thinking he was a good samaritan trying to get Phyllis Kitten Amonica into rehab again.

Then, about five minutes later, a female friend reported being solicited by some douchebag on the Blvd.

Me: "Was it an orange late model Chevy SST minature SUV type deal with MD tags 4CL-360?"

Her: "How the fuck did you know that?"


Yeah, that was him. Sarge, do your worst. And Phyllis...we told you we wouldn't use your name here as long as you didn't come back.

You came back. Bummer.

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