Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Quiet Tonight

Pat Guthrie of Herkimer St and Jodie Buettner were on the prowl. SD Patrol asked them to get lost, and they did. Well...Jodie came back after a while. Then they chased her off again. Danielle and Melanie seemed to know to stay scarce. The guys in SD Patrol really do seem to do a great job, and they don't gripe about getting 911 calls from citizens asking them to de-hooker the corner of Carey and Washington Blvd--they know they'll get fewer calls for drug nuisances and trash dumping and loitering and fighting and violence and shooting when the girls are providing the money that is the engine powering urban blight.

The pickings really are slim for mongers here, and that's a good thing. The corners stay clear, the dealers only make a couple bucks selling to Danielle and Melanie on the sly on 1300 Ward St, and little kids are able to play and their mothers able to walk down the street without dirty old men soliciting them.

Progress, dare I say it.

Baltimore really is a gleaming jewel of an Inner Harbor surrounded by a river a bullshit and grimey blighted third world shytehole. You can't save all of it. Frankly...you wouldn't want to. But our little corner of it can be alright if we actually give a shit about it. Encouraging the mongers to take their action elsewhere sure does help.


  1. as ive said several times i commend your efforts to make your little neighborhood nice but sending the mongers and hookers running is sending them into my neck-o-the-woods i was standing at the bus stop today at washington and desoto and a man who likely is a monger stopped and did a rude lip thing i gave him the finger he went a block and turned around and proceeded to hit on another young woman who was also at the bus stop she also gave him an ear full which i think made him even more crude and frisky luckily this tall brown haired local ho happened by and she was more than happy to do to the man what he wanted

  2. MP--start writing down tag numbers and getting pictures. And hitting 911. They'll get the hint, and quickly.