Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pretty Much Sums It Up

So the USASG guys are getting all hi-tech, y'all! Serial loser Benchseats Rock mentioned to the peanut gallery that you can keep tabs on the armed constabulary by way of sites like rollcallradio.com (or scanbaltimore.com). Hee hee! Listen for the poh-pohs, maybe you'll know when they're coming.

A loyal reader takes a listen and notes:

Pretty interesting site, someones favorite SW was just arrested and taken to CB, unfortunately she was infested with FLEA's

Yup...that's the state of affairs in mongerdom. Their sex workers have fleas (amongst other vermin). Awesome.

One more reason for the wifey back at the trailer park to wonder why you're itching.


  1. Just like the cheap bastards they are...listen for free instead of putting money down on a quality piece of merchandise.

  2. love some advice on how to get rid of the red head hooker on harford rd.