Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Return of the Nutsack Express?

Reddish Orange Chevy Avalanche, with Firefighter (C over F) tags (MD tag 0522) was spotted today. A long time monger who seemed to disappear after being outed in one of our video exposes, he was spotted driving on Ramsay today.

We know he doesn't live around here, but I didn't see him making a pickup either, so I can't confirm the identity of the presumed prostitute in his passenger seat.

Consider this a placeholder bub--if you're back to your old ways, there's a new sheriff in town, who goes by Sgt. K. Many a recent monger divorce and the general dearth of hookers/dicksucking on the WW loop has been thanks to his letters and phone calls to people identified here. Nothing the wife likes less than learning you were out scoring toothless beejays from nasty crackwhores in the big city while she thought you were making a run for cat food.

Just...don't come back.

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